Some Best Cooking Tips


If you want to reduce your weight by the end of the year or want to improve your health, then you do not have to take a hard lifestyle, nor do you need to run away from your favorite cheeses. If required, then only change your recipes and the method of making them. Here we will tell you some simple cooking methods to reduce calories and body fat.

Eat less greasy substances

reduce the intake of smooth substances, you do not prevent the consumption of smooth substances, but only to reduce its quantity. Also, eat raw stuff like dried fruits, seeds, fish soya, olive and rikera as they contain omega-3 fatty acids, which will prove to be very beneficial for a healthy body.

Drink Milk

Instead of milk with cow’s milk cream, use milk or cow milk without cream. If you want to eat curd, eat curd made with milk without cream.

Fry recipes in oil

Add cooked recipes cooked in oil to your diet. In this manner the vegetable is prepared quickly and the nutrients of the vegetable remain intact.

Grilling or covered vegetables

Fry the vegetables, cover them, fry them in a light oil, boil and cook in the water and adopt a baking style like baking, grilling. All these methods are very healthy and safe.

Reduce the use of butter

Do not make the dishes that are made using butter, and the dishes that are fried in the oil, or change the method of making them as they can affect your health.

Use of Non Stick Pan

Use a non stick pan, so that you do not have to use more oil and butter when cooking.

Use of cooking spray

If you want to reduce the use of the soft foods used in cooking, then use the cooking spray. You will not have to use more oil in this.

Less salt usage

Rather than tasting salt in your diet, tasting your food first. Drain a little olive oil, vinegar or lemon juice before cooking or in the food made. This will increase the taste of food in the same way as salt increases.

Make the food in liquid
Instead of making it in oil, make the food in liquids such as stock, wine, lemon juice, vinegar or water. These different types of cooking are good for health and also reduce the consumption of oil.

Eat fish
Eat more fish, because protein is very high and liquids are in very small amounts and in this, omega-3 fatty acids are found in abundance.

Milk without cream

Use yogurt without cream, and milk with no cream, use cream or cream instead of cream on a sauce or soup, instead of cream or cornstarch.

Eat fresh vegetables
To reduce the intake of salt, take fresh vegetables, because the spicy vegetables and packaged vegetables are packed in salt, which can lead to high blood pressure.

Make low-fat chicken
To reduce calories, make low-fat chicken to stay healthy.

Make the vegetables in less oil

If you want to fry a little bit of vegetables, then fry them in a pan and fry them with some oil. In this way, vegetables absorb less oil from cooking. Another solution is to prepare the food in the microwave and then fry it in a pan for a minute or two.

Do not use soy sauce and tomato sauce
Do not eat soy sauce, tomato sauce or other sauce and spices to increase the flavor as they contain very high amount of salt.

While baking
Do not use oil or butter in baking, use mashed or powdered tofu instead of oil in baking. Flex mile can be used instead of oil.

Do not eat chips and snacks to reduce salt

To reduce salt intake, do not consume foods prepared in salt such as pasta, nuts, packaged foods, chips and salted meats.

Nutrients hidden in peels
To prevent the dissolving of vitamins in water, do not peel the vegetables, because many nutrients are hidden in the vegetables peels. Instead of boiling vegetables, cook in microwave or in steam. If you want to boil the vegetables then boil them in some water for a while.

Use of herbs and spices

Green leafy vegetables increase the color and taste of every type of food. This health-safe substance is rich in osteogenesis. Many times, these herbs and spices can also change the taste of salt or oil.Put the herbs in the end
The taste of eating herbs increases food. To maintain their taste, put them at the end of the meal.

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