Tanning will not be in the summer if you adopt these 5 tips


We take care of our skin when tanning is done. If this is already taken care of the skin, then this problem will not be there.

1.Tanning worry
Taking a knock on the heat gives us the most to worry about tanning. Yes, due to the sun rays of the sun in the summer, our skin starts to burn, due to which our skin gets tanning and our colors appear black. But we also take care of the skin when tanning is done. If the skin is taken care of beforehand, then this problem will not be there. So let’s find out some tips that you will no longer have to worry about tanning in the summer.
Tanning worry
2. btomatoes
What we do not do to avoid tanning, but do not peep into your kitchen once. The kitchen of our house is a treasure trove of their treatment. Tomatoes contain lycopene. Which is a good tanning protector. So before starting to lose color from the tanning, start planting tomatoes on your face. Apply tomato juice on face and wash it with cold water after 20 minutes.
3. Lemon and ripe
Ascorbic acid is found in lemon, which is beneficial for tanning. But if you add glycerine to the tanning lemon, put it on the face, it is right for tanning of the face. Apart from this, putting the piece of cooked papaya on the face, the face also shines in the summer. Rinse the ripe banana for about 15 minutes on face and then wash the face with cold water. The face becomes clear.
Lemon and ripe

4. drink water
To provide needed nutrition and moisture to your skin, you should drink plenty of water daily. You should drink at least three to four liters of water daily. Along with this, consuming fruits containing vitamin C will also be beneficial for your skin.
drink water
5. Have an antioxidant diet
Although the fruit should be consumed in every season, but to avoid tanning, use the most juicy fruits at the beginning of the summer. Apart from this, green vegetables should be consumed as there are plenty of antioxidants in it. These diets work from inside sunscreens and save your skin from being damaged.


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